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Course type: Classroom & Workshop

Estimated course length: 1 Day

Certificate expiration: 5 year(s)

Cost: £200 + VAT

Available centres
  • Paisley Academy, 01418894516
  • Paisley Academy, 01418894516
  • Paisley Academy, 01418894516
  • Paisley Academy, 01418894516
  • Paisley Academy, 01418894516
  • Paisley Academy, 01418894516

    Skills Training Group’s Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment Operatives course is designed for installers who carry out work on water supply systems within residential properties.


    With the increased publicity surrounding recent outbreaks of Legionnaires, effective water treatment is of paramount importance to those carrying out installation and maintenance of hot and cold water supply systems.


    The cost of our course includes training, assessment, certification fees and a training manual based upon the HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance.




    Legionnaires’ disease is caused by the inhalation of small amounts or droplets of water containing Legionella. The disease is a fatal version of pneumonia, and the Legionella bacteria can thrive in all artificial cold and hot water systems.


    Given the right conditions – favourable temperature, stored or recirculated water, water droplets; both dispersed and produced by aerosols, ‘food’ for the organism to grow in such as scale, sludge and rust – the bacteria can multiply rapidly and the potential for exposure increases. The bacteria adapts and multiplies quickly and can readily survive in both large and small water systems. Thus, the need for both preventive and control measures.




    Learners undertaking the plumber and operator’s course should either hold an N/SVQ or equivalent qualification in plumbing or hold a valid certificate in WRAS Water Regulations.


    Learners undertaking the supervisors and managers course do not require any formal qualification however they should have a good understanding of water systems and current best practice legislation.




    The Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment course is designed for operatives who carry out work on water supply systems within residential properties.




    Legionella training for operatives is primarily aimed at domestic and small commercial water systems and does not include cooling towers. On completion of the course, the installer will be able to undertake risk assessments and carry out disinfection using a range of methods including bleach, chlorine and silver hydrogen peroxide.


    The course covers:

    • The background to Legionnaires Disease
    • What is Legionella Bacteria?
    • Where and how does it multiply
    • How is it spread and contracted?
    • How to comply with the law
    • Duties, obligations and records
    • Assessing risk
    • Controlling and reducing risk
    • Methods of Treatment
    • Prevention and disinfection
    • Record keeping


    Operatives will have to complete a practical and written assessment, including a multiple-choice paper. Upon successful completion, candidates will be issued with the LCL Awards Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment certificate.

    Legionella training

    Legionella training questions

    Is your course accredited?

    Our course is accredited by LCL Awards, a leading building services accreditation body.

    Does my course need to be accredited?

    You would need to be able to produce proof of competence if there was any HSE or insurance incident. Self-certificated courses may not demonstrate proper competence, where as a proper accredited course will demonstrate this. From a marketing perspective, a proper accredited course is also an easier sell to potential clients.

    Will you show me how to complete a risk assessment?

    Yes, we will show you how to complete legionella risk assessments.

    Are legionella risk assessments mandatory?

    As mandated by applicable health and safety laws, landlords of domestic and rental properties are legally expected to access their premises for any possible health risk arising from the exposure of legionella. However, nowhere is it explicitly directed that the assessment be in-depth or thorough.

    How can I make money with legionella risk assessments?

    Letting agents, landlords and property managers often require legionella risk assessments. Contacting them is an almost sure way of getting business. Also, landlords may be more receptive to the idea of a Legionella risk assessment when you combine it with a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certification or an EPC at a discounted fee. Landlords will be happy to oblige to a double inspection in a single visit, as it will save them both time and money.

    How much can I charge for a legionella risk assessment?

    The cost of a Legionella risk assessment will depend primarily on the size of the property and the water service system. The typical range for residential apartments is £50 to £100. The cost for commercial properties such as a small dental practice will begin from £200, while medium-sized commercial properties like a care home can cost from £500.

    I'm only looking for an overview of legionella, are there any courses for me?

    The supervisors and managers course will provide a theoretical overview of legionella.

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