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Course overview

This course grants you a Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid and is designed for rugby coaches – often the people who have to deal with health emergencies when they arise. 

What a rugby first aid course covers

In this rugby first aid course, you’ll gain the minimum required level of first aid training for appointed first aiders. The principles you will learn are equally applicable in both training and live matches. 

Course contents include:

  • Your job as the appointed first aider
  • How to safely evaluate a first aid situation
  • How to react promptly to an emergency
  • CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation)
  • How to deal with spinal injuries and bone fractures
  • How to respond to choking
  • How to manage wounds and bleeding
  • How to deal with a player in shock
  • How to provide first aid to an unconscious player
  • How to record accidents and incidents compliantly
  • Methods for communicating with injured players
  • Methods for treating minor conditions, such as grazes, bruises, small cuts, scrapes, and splinters

Who is this course for? 

Rugby clubs require an accredited first aider who is Level 3 QA Emergency First Aid at Work RQF approved. This course satisfies this requirement. By the end of the course, you will be able to carry out all of the actions described above. 

How does certification work? 

Rugby trainers and club staff who successfully complete this rugby first aid course will gain critical knowledge to help them respond to injuries and emergency events on the pitch. Training prepares candidates with both the techniques and attitudes they require to be effective in a first aid situation. 

This first aid course prepares candidates for the types of real-life situations they will face on the rugby pitch and in training. Rugby club staff and members learn how to spot illnesses, recognise the symptoms of injury and respond to life-threatening emergencies. By the end of training candidates understand how to manage a casualty safely and effectively. Critically, learners will learn when they need to call for medical assistance, or when they can deal with medical issues on-site. 

Those who complete the course successfully will receive a personalised first-aid ID card and an RQF-approved EFAW certificate. These documents remain valid for three years, after which, candidates will need to retrain. We also offer requalification courses for first aiders whose certificates are expired. 

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If you’re interested in a member of your club taking an RFU emergency first aid course, get in touch with us today. A first aid in rugby course can prepare your organisation for the inevitable injuries and illnesses that arise during your annual schedule and remain compliant with the law.

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