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OFTEC Oil Course

OFT 101, OFT105e & OFT600a Training & Assessment

4 Day Course

Oil Courses Overview

OFTEC training is an industry-respected qualification that will allow you to understand and help to achieve the highest levels of competence within the oil industry. The practical aspect of your training allows you to work through different scenarios that you’re likely to see when undergoing work as a trained engineer.

Why should I complete OFTEC training?

Once you’ve completed your training, you will receive an OFTEC certificate of competence where you’ll then be able to apply to become an OFTEC registered engineer technician, helping your status and reputation within the industry.

Ensuring you’ve been properly trained within oil industry is extremely important for different factors including; environmental, economic, health and safety aspects when working on appliance repairs and installations. Not only this, but oil engineers should ensure that fuel is being efficiently delivered and used without wastage.

How will I learn and be assessed?

There are a variety of assessment methods required to pass OFTEC assessments. These include; multiple-choice answers, short written responses, scenario questions and observed practical assessments.


The course includes training and assessment on the following modules:

LCL Awards Accredited Qualifications

We are accredited by LCL Awards who are an industry recognised awarding body for heating & plumbing qualifications.

Our facilities and staff have passed stringent quality management procedures and training is delivered to the highest standard.

Certification turnaround times for LCL Awards courses are 20 working days. Fast Track Certification is also available, which brings the certification turnaround down to 5 working days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of OFTEC Courses?

OFTEC courses provide a range of benefits to candidates seeking information and training in oil heating technology. The courses, such as the OFT10-101 and OFT10-105e, offer a range of knowledge and skills necessary for those in the oil heating installation, maintenance and service industry. The courses have specific entry requirements and pre-requisites, and the cost of registration can vary depending on the training center and location.

Candidates who complete OFTEC courses can gain certification from a recognized certification body, which can increase their employability and earning potential. The courses provide hands-on training with technology and products used in the industry, as well as theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The courses can also provide evidence for NVQ certification.

Candidates can access OFTEC courses through registered training centers and information about the courses can be found on the OFTEC website, including the required documents and cost.

Is OFTEC registration required to work on oil appliances?

While OFTEC registration is not legally required, it is highly recommended for individuals who work on oil-fired appliances and systems. This is because OFTEC'S registration demonstrates a level of competence and commitment to safety, and can increase credibility with customers. Additionally, many insurance companies require OFTEC registration for contractors and technicians who work on oil-fired equipment.

What's covered in an OFTEC approved course?

Individuals who want to work on domestic pressure jet appliances must have the OFTEC-101 certification. Codes of practice, safe electrical isolation, practical boiler commissioning, burner servicing, identifying installation faults, combustion analysis, combustion theory, and ventilation requirements are all covered in this certification.

Individuals must also have the relevant tank installation certification, such as OFTEC-105E, which covers domestic oil firing system installation and energy conservation measures in buildings, in addition to the OFTEC-101 certification. Heating installation designs, system layouts, ventilation and flues, pipework calculations, and energy conservation measures are all covered in this certification.

The OFT600A certification is required for those who work on domestic and non-domestic oil storage and supply installations. Codes of practice, fuel identification, tank installations, tank designs, safe electrical isolation, and British standards are all covered in this certification.