Course Packages

On Site First Aid Training Nationwide - Featured Image

First aid training delivered on-site at your own workplace or venue, nationwide, for a fixed daily rate of £495.

1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Course (EFAW) - Featured Image

Suitable for low-risk workplaces such as offices, shops, and libraries. Also suitable for entry requirements for SIA. Includes CPR & defibrillator training. Students will be issued an FAIB accredited first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

1 Day
First Aid at Work Course - Featured Image
Online & Classroom

First Aid at Work Course

Our blended first aid at work course is completed over 3 days with 1 day e-learning and 2 days in the classroom. Suitable for high-risk workplaces. Includes CPR & defibrillator training. Students will be issued an FAIB accredited first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

6 hours e-learning + 2 days practical
First Aid at Work Requalification - Featured Image

Suitable for learners renewing their First Aid Qualification. Includes CPR first aid including defibrillator training. Students will be issued an FAIB accredited first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

2 Day
Paediatric First Aid Course (12 Hour) Level 3 - Featured Image

This blended learning course is accredited by Qualsafe and has been designed with EYFS compliance in mind and meets the requirements of OFSTED & CSSIW. This paediatric training is aimed at enabling EPA (End Point Assessment) for Early Years Educators and EYFS criteria. Suitable for those working in a Nursery in England or Wales.

1 day practical + 1 day eLearning
Basic Life Support Training (BLS) - Featured Image

This Basic Life Support training will provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to act in an emergency, providing crucial life-saving aid to the casualty until help comes. Course includes CPR training & defibrillator training.

3 Hours
CPR Training Life Support Certificate - Featured Image

CPR training courses are designed to equip individuals with the medical skills needed to save a life. Our CPR training courses teach people how to administer CPR using both chest compressions, rescue breaths and a defibrillator to save the life of someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

3-6 Hours

Our Nottingham First Aid Training Venue

Our Nottingham first aid training venue is based just a 5-minute drive from Nottingham Centre via Ilkeston Rd/A609.

Travelling to us via bus is easy. Get off the bus Middleton Street (Stop RA05). Thereafter, we are only a 2-minute walk from the bus stop.

Centre features: Free WiFi, excellent transport links, Free parking (make sure you give your registration plate at the reception).

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Castle Cavendish Enterprise Centre

63-67 Saint Peter's Street, Nottingham NG7 3EN

Our Nottingham First Aid Courses

We provide public and in-house first aid training courses in Nottingham and the surrounding areas at Skills Training Group.


As a small business run by a family, providing high-quality first-aid training programs and exceptional customer service is extremely essential to us. Since 2011, we have been offering our first-aid knowledge across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.


We offer a wide variety of workplace and pediatric first aid training courses for businesses across all industries.


All courses at Skills Training Group are taught by highly qualified and passionate instructors who love what they do.

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Driving Distances To Our Nottingham First Aid Training Venue


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First Aid Certified Logo

HSE Recognised First Aid Qualification

Our first aid courses in Nottingham are fully accredited by the FAIB (First Aid Industry Body). FAIB first aid courses are recognised by HSE (Health & Safety Executive).

After passing, you’ll receive an electronic certificate within 2 working days.

You’ll also receive the Skills Training Group First Aid Certified badge that you can display on your website or any marketing material.

Click here to call now – 0115 678 0488

Directions to Our Nottingham First Aid Training Venue

Driving from Nottingham City Centre

Public Transport from Nottingham City Centre

Our Expert First Aid Trainers at Skills Training Group

At Skills Training Group, we embody a standard of exceptional quality in First Aid training within the UK. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering premium first aid training, and this commitment is reflected vividly through the expertise and dedication of our instructors. Here's how our trainers are well-equipped to offer informative and engaging training sessions:

Each of our trainers is well-versed with superior industry certifications, having undergone stringent training and evaluations. This ensures their ability to teach life-saving skills with clarity and precision, allowing our attendees to acquire the knowledge they need to make a real difference in emergency situations.

Selected based on their extensive backgrounds in medical, paramedical, and emergency response sectors, our trainers bring a plethora of real-world knowledge to every session. This experience enables them to share practical insights and skills, empowering our participants to act confidently and effectively when it matters most.

Our trainers continually update their knowledge, staying in tune with the latest first aid protocols and guidelines. Regular professional development ensures that our attendees receive the most accurate and up-to-date information, fostering a learning environment where current and reliable knowledge is shared.

At Skills Training Group, we firmly believe in the power of passionate teaching. Our trainers are not just qualified; they are dedicated and passionate educators keen on making a positive impact. They employ interactive and engaging teaching methods, creating a conducive learning environment where participants find learning enjoyable and impactful.

Understanding the varied needs of our participants, our trainers excel in providing bespoke training solutions. They tailor the content to meet the unique needs of each attendee, ensuring a holistic learning experience. Whether it’s a basic first aid course or advanced resuscitation training, our trainers deliver nuanced and detailed instruction.

To maintain our high-quality standards, our trainers undergo frequent assessments and quality checks. This ensures adherence to national standards and best practices and allows us to refine and improve our training programmes continually, based on constructive feedback.

We, at Skills Training Group, are exceptionally proud of our team of first aid trainers. Their unrivalled qualifications, wealth of experience, and heartfelt commitment to teaching are truly commendable. By choosing us for your first aid training needs, you are entrusting your learning to some of the most compassionate and proficient professionals in the UK, assuring that you are well-equipped to handle emergencies efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered on your first aid courses?

Topics vary depending on which course your undertake, but some of the first aid skills covered are; bandages, bleeding, broken bones, bruises, burns, CPR, cuts, dislocated joints, emergency first aid, help, ice, injured, instruction, medical, pain, plaster, rescue, safety, shock, skills, sprains, stitches, trauma, emergency situations, practical skills, minor injuries, medical emergency, assistance, life-saving, resuscitation, healing, injury, sick, wounded, suffering, blood, splint, fracture, dislocation, poisoning, bite, sting, unconscious.

Who are your first aid courses suitable for

Any employees or any of the following: adults, teenagers, carers of babies, school staff, nursery workers, carers of children