Course Packages

On Site First Aid Training Nationwide - Featured Image

First aid training delivered on-site at your own workplace or venue, nationwide, for a fixed daily rate of £495.

1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Course (EFAW) - Featured Image

Suitable for low-risk workplaces such as offices, shops, and libraries. Also suitable for entry requirements for SIA. Includes CPR & defibrillator training. Students will be issued an FAIB accredited first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

1 Day
First Aid at Work Course - Featured Image
Online & Classroom

First Aid at Work Course

Our blended first aid at work course is completed over 3 days with 1 day e-learning and 2 days in the classroom. Suitable for high-risk workplaces. Includes CPR & defibrillator training. Students will be issued an FAIB accredited first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

6 hours e-learning + 2 days practical
First Aid at Work Requalification - Featured Image

Suitable for learners renewing their First Aid Qualification. Includes CPR first aid including defibrillator training. Students will be issued an FAIB accredited first aid certificate valid for 3 years.

2 Day
Paediatric First Aid Course (12 Hour) Level 3 - Featured Image

This blended learning course is accredited by Qualsafe and has been designed with EYFS compliance in mind and meets the requirements of OFSTED & CSSIW. This paediatric training is aimed at enabling EPA (End Point Assessment) for Early Years Educators and EYFS criteria. Suitable for those working in a Nursery in England or Wales.

1 day practical + 1 day eLearning
Basic Life Support Training (BLS) - Featured Image

This Basic Life Support training will provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to act in an emergency, providing crucial life-saving aid to the casualty until help comes. Course includes CPR training & defibrillator training.

3 Hours
CPR Training Life Support Certificate - Featured Image

CPR training courses are designed to equip individuals with the medical skills needed to save a life. Our CPR training courses teach people how to administer CPR using both chest compressions, rescue breaths and a defibrillator to save the life of someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

3-6 Hours

First aid classes Cardiff

First aid courses in Cardiff are designed to provide the necessary skills and understanding required to help in any workplace or personal setting. The courses cater to people of all ages, including children, and are suitable for anyone who wants to gain confidence in responding to injuries or illness.

The training courses cover a range of requirements needed for first aid, including workplace first aid, paediatric first aid, and general first aid courses. The training provides individuals with an understanding of their rights and responsibilities, as well as the necessary skills to respond to injuries and illnesses.

The courses can take place at any premises or site in Cardiff or South Wales, making it easy for individuals or teams to book a course at a place that suits them. The training is delivered by experienced trainers who have a wealth of knowledge in first aid and health and safety.

What’s covered in our first aid course Cardiff?

First aid training in Cardiff covers a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge required to help in an emergency. The course is designed to ensure that individuals have the skills and confidence needed to help in a first-aid accident. The training includes an overview of emergency health and safety, the use of first-aid kits, and the ability to respond to various injuries, including bleeding, choking, cuts, burns, fractures, heatstroke, icing, poisoning, splints, strokes, and wounds.

The class provides hands-on training on how to properly use a CPR and AED device, apply bandages and dressings to injuries, and control bleeding. The training also covers how to recognize signs of injury and how to respond to various medical emergencies.

The course offers a variety of scenarios to help individuals develop practical skills and to simulate real-world emergency situations. The class provides valuable knowledge on how to identify and manage medical emergencies, and how to provide critical first-aid help.

Our First Aid Qualifications

Trustpilot 5 star review block for our Belfast courses

Our Cardiff First Aid Training Reviews

Exceptional tutoring from Gemma from Skills Training Group First Aid Cardiff. From the minute we walked in till the minute we finished the course we were engrossed in his knowledge. Highly recommend to anyone to go on his courses.

First Aid at Work Refresher Course – 2 day training at Cardiff STG Centre.

This is probably my 8th training course over the years and I can honestly say it was the best one yet. Gemma was excellent. She was engaging, reassuring and extremely knowledgeable giving real world examples and scenarios. Nothing was too much trouble, she listened and answered all questions asked of her. She was enthusiastic and energetic.

I came away from the training feeling knowledgeable and confident that I could deal with a first aid situation if it occurs. Thank you Gemma you were 1st class and a fantastic advocate for STG.

Was a bit nervous at attending the first aid course for work but the trainer was fantastic, putting us at ease, especially during practicals. Very informative and came away more confident at dealing with an emergency scenarios.