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The London based CITB Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) provides a comprehensive two-day training programme at a cost of £199 for the virtual course and £279 for the classroom course.

This scheme equips construction supervisors, foremen, engineers, and labour staff with essential knowledge of legal, health, safety, welfare, and environmental aspects relevant to their roles. 

The SSSTS course is recognised by the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) as a key requirement for personnel working on UK construction sites.

The CITB SSSTS course is available both online as a live instructor-led virtual class and in a traditional classroom setting. Its certification remains valid for 5 years.

London CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme)

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Importance of CITB SSSTS Course in London

The CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) Course holds significant importance in London, especially within the construction and building industries. This course equips aspiring and existing site supervisors with essential health and safety knowledge and skills necessary for effective site management. By completing the CITB SSSTS Course, professionals gain competence in various areas such as risk assessment, hazard awareness, and legal responsibilities, ensuring that they can maintain a safe and secure working environment for everyone involved.

The CITB SSSTS Course in London proves crucial for construction professionals looking to enhance their career prospects and adhere to Health and Safety Executive regulations. Construction sites are inherently hazardous environments, and proper training is paramount to ensure the well-being of workers and to comply with legal requirements. Skills Training Group offers the CITB SSSTS Course in London, providing industry professionals with the necessary training and certification to ensure their competence and readiness in effectively managing health and safety on construction sites.

Enrolling in the CITB SSSTS Course in London through Skills Training Group provides professionals with comprehensive learning materials, expert trainers, and practical exercises that simulate real-life scenarios. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an internationally recognised CITB SSSTS certificate, enhancing their employability and demonstrating their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure working environment in the construction industry.