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Course overview

The Reading based CITB Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) provides a comprehensive two-day training programme at a cost of £199 for the virtual course and £279 for the classroom course.

This scheme equips construction supervisors, foremen, engineers, and labour staff with essential knowledge of legal, health, safety, welfare, and environmental aspects relevant to their roles. 

The SSSTS course is recognised by the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) as a key requirement for personnel working on UK construction sites.

The CITB SSSTS course is available both online as a live instructor-led virtual class and in a traditional classroom setting. Its certification remains valid for 5 years.

Reading CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme)

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Reading: Demographic and Business Potential

Demographic Overview

Reading is a vibrant city located in the county of Berkshire, England. With a population of over 230,000 people, it is the largest town in the UK outside of London. The demographic makeup of Reading is diverse and cosmopolitan, attracting individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. This cultural richness contributes to the city's dynamic atmosphere and fosters a sense of inclusivity.

Business Potential

Reading is an economic powerhouse that offers tremendous business potential. It has emerged as a leading hub for technology, digital innovation, and financial services. The city is home to numerous multinationals, including big names in the tech industry, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Huawei.

The presence of several reputable universities, such as the University of Reading and the University of West London, contributes to a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. This availability of talent allows businesses to thrive and benefit from a pool of skilled professionals.

Furthermore, Reading enjoys excellent transport links, including its proximity to London Heathrow Airport, making it an attractive location for businesses operating on an international scale. The city has a well-connected rail network, with direct links to London Paddington, and it is conveniently located near major motorways, facilitating easy access to other parts of the UK.

Importance of the CITB SSSTS Course in Reading

The CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) course holds great significance within the construction industry, and its availability in Reading provides professionals with valuable training opportunities.

Training for Site Supervisors

The CITB SSSTS course equips site supervisors with essential knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and well-being of workers on construction sites. It covers various health and safety aspects, including risk assessment, legal responsibilities, and best practices in maintaining a healthy working environment.

Compliance with Regulations

By undertaking the CITB SSSTS course in Reading, construction professionals can ensure they remain compliant with industry regulations. The course is designed to meet the specific requirements of the construction industry, taking into account the ever-changing health and safety legislation.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

Completing the CITB SSSTS course can significantly enhance career prospects within the construction industry. Employers recognise the importance of qualified site supervisors and often require individuals with relevant training and certifications. By undertaking the course in Reading, professionals can harness the city's business potential, tapping into the numerous construction projects and job opportunities available.

Foster a Culture of Safety

The CITB SSSTS course plays a vital role in fostering a culture of safety within the construction industry. It empowers site supervisors with the knowledge and confidence to enforce safety protocols and implement appropriate measures to prevent accidents and injuries on construction sites. By prioritising safety, Reading's construction industry can continue to flourish while ensuring the well-being of its workforce.

In conclusion, Reading's demographic diversity, along with its thriving business environment, provides numerous opportunities for professionals in various industries. The availability of the CITB SSSTS course in Reading is crucial for individuals looking to enhance their skills, comply with regulations, and advance their careers within the construction sector.