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Course overview

Course Overview

The mountaineering first aid course will give you the essential knowledge you need when facing a medical situation in the mountains. Having an in-depth understanding of first aid is vital for anyone that enjoys exploring the great outdoors and even more so for keen mountaineers. Taking a mountain first aid course is also a valuable first step for those hoping to become Mountain Leaders.

Most mountain first aid courses cover the following topics:

Assessing a situation, assessing a casualty, treating bleeding, treating shock, recognising signs and the treatment of hypothermia and hyperthermia, resuscitation, emergency treatment of fractures, managing acute, life-threatening medical situations, such as heart attack, asthma attack, the assessment of airways, circulation, and breathing issues, choking, and anaphylactic shock.

Each of the above areas is focused on dealing with emergency scenarios and injuries in an outdoor environment.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

What is Mountaineering First Aid?

Mountaineering first aid is a specialist form of first aid designed to treat casualties and administer first aid in emergency situations in mountain conditions. 

High altitude, potentially hazardous conditions, and remote location make mountains especially dangerous. In these conditions, the chances of a medical emergency or injury occurring are increased. However, at the same time, the ease with which medical assistance can arrive to treat the casualty is decreased. Mountaineering first aid training covers the unique set of challenges presented in this situation.

Why is First Aid Important in Mountaineering?

Whether you are a novice mountaineer, or an experienced climber, having a clear understanding of first aid practices is vital when you spend time enjoying the great outdoors. By its nature, mountaineering is a risky leisure activity, and so it pays to be prepared for every eventuality. 

Spending time at a great height and in remote locations brings its own challenges. For this reason alone, having first aid knowledge is crucial. Being miles away from help and in a secluded spot can put you in a vulnerable position if you become injured or someone in your party experiences a medical emergency. Having first aid knowledge is invaluable in situations such as this and could potentially save a life while you wait for professional medical help to arrive at the scene.

Receiving training and gaining a general first aid qualification can be highly beneficial for daily life. However, gaining a specific mountaineering first aid training certificate is best to equip yourself with the knowledge needed for administering first aid in the mountains. The potentially hazardous conditions and extreme height present unique challenges that require specialist first aid knowledge with an understanding of the environmental conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

How Long Does a Mountaineering First Aid Qualification Last?

Most mountaineering first aid qualifications are valid for three years. Although, you may find it beneficial to take refresher training every one to two years to keep your first aid knowledge up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a mountaineering first aid certificate last?

A mountaineering first aid certificate typically lasts for three years. After three years, it is necessary to refresh your first aid knowledge by attending another training course.

What should a mountain first aid kit contain?

Carrying a mountain first aid kit with you every time you go climbing is essential. To ensure you are prepared for medical emergencies and injuries, your mountain first aid kit should contain these items:

Primary care leaflet, bandages, dressings, plasters and blister plasters, vinyl gloves, paramedic shears, wound closure strips, burn gel, gauze strips, antiseptic wipes, microporous tape, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, duct tape, a glow stick.

It is essential to check your first aid kit before venturing out to ensure that it is stocked with all the items that you need. As well as checking that nothing is missing, it is also important to check the expiry dates of the items.