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The Dundee based CITB Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) provides a comprehensive two-day training programme at a cost of £199 for the virtual course and £279 for the classroom course.

This scheme equips construction supervisors, foremen, engineers, and labour staff with essential knowledge of legal, health, safety, welfare, and environmental aspects relevant to their roles. 

The SSSTS course is recognised by the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) as a key requirement for personnel working on UK construction sites.

The CITB SSSTS course is available both online as a live instructor-led virtual class and in a traditional classroom setting. Its certification remains valid for 5 years.

Dundee CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme)

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Dundee: A Vibrant City with Growing Demographic and Business Potentials

Demographic Overview

Dundee, located in the eastern-central region of Scotland, is a city that continues to flourish both demographically and economically. With a population of approximately 150,000 residents, the city offers a diverse and vibrant community, reflecting a rich cultural heritage. Known as the "City of Discovery", Dundee has a long history of innovation, particularly in industries such as gaming, design, and digital technologies. Its appealing demographics make it an attractive destination for businesses and professionals alike.

Thriving Business Environment

Dundee has emerged as a key economic hub in the UK, with excellent business potentials across various sectors. The city has witnessed significant investments and development initiatives in recent years, resulting in a thriving business ecosystem. With a particular focus on the creative industries, including software development, gaming, and digital design, Dundee has earned its reputation as an innovative and dynamic city. Furthermore, the presence of renowned educational and research institutions, such as the University of Dundee, reinforces the city's potential for growth and prosperity.

The Importance of CITB SSSTS Course in Dundee

The CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) course holds crucial significance in enhancing the skills and knowledge of professionals engaged in construction and related industries in Dundee. This comprehensive course equips individuals with the necessary understanding of health and safety regulations, ensuring they can fulfil their roles effectively within the demanding construction sector. Here are some key reasons why the CITB SSSTS course is essential for professionals in Dundee:

  1. Safety Compliance: The course empowers site supervisors with the knowledge of health and safety regulations and promotes compliance with legal requirements. By implementing these best practices, professionals can ensure a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

  2. Reducing Accidents and Incidents: The CITB SSSTS course emphasises risk assessment and hazard management, enabling supervisors to identify and mitigate potential risks on construction sites. This proactive approach helps minimise accidents, injuries, and incidents, ensuring a safer working environment for everyone involved.

  3. Improving Supervisory Skills: The course provides comprehensive training on effective communication, leadership, and conflict resolution skills, vital for effective site supervision. By enhancing these key competencies, professionals can excel in their roles, leading to better project coordination and efficiency.

  4. Enhancing Employability: Possessing a CITB SSSTS qualification is highly valued within the construction industry. It demonstrates a commitment to health and safety, thus improving employability prospects and enhancing career advancement opportunities in Dundee's growing construction sector.

In conclusion, Dundee's vibrant demographic and flourishing business potentials make it an ideal location for professionals to expand their skills and knowledge through courses like CITB SSSTS. By prioritising health and safety training, individuals can contribute to creating safer construction sites and benefit from increased employability in the city's thriving economy.