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Course overview

The Rochdale based CITB Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) provides a comprehensive two-day training programme at a cost of £199 for the virtual course and £279 for the classroom course.

This scheme equips construction supervisors, foremen, engineers, and labour staff with essential knowledge of legal, health, safety, welfare, and environmental aspects relevant to their roles. 

The SSSTS course is recognised by the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) as a key requirement for personnel working on UK construction sites.

The CITB SSSTS course is available both online as a live instructor-led virtual class and in a traditional classroom setting. Its certification remains valid for 5 years.

Rochdale CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme)

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Rochdale: A Vibrant City with Great Potential

Demographic Overview

Rochdale, located in the Greater Manchester area in the United Kingdom, is a vibrant city known for its rich history and thriving population. With an estimated population of around 211,000 people, Rochdale is a diverse community that is home to individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and age groups.

Business Potentials

Rochdale offers enticing business opportunities, making it an appealing destination for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. The city's strategic location provides excellent connectivity, with links to major cities such as Manchester and Leeds. This accessibility opens doors for businesses to establish and expand their presence in the region. Rochdale boasts a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, technology, healthcare, and more, making it an attractive hub for investment and growth.

Whether you are a business owner looking to tap into new markets or an aspiring professional seeking career advancement, Rochdale offers an array of prospects to seize and thrive upon.

The Importance of CITB SSSTS Course in Rochdale

The CITB SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) course holds immense significance in Rochdale, contributing to the city's commitment to health and safety within the construction industry. This course is specifically designed for site supervisors and team leaders, focusing on maintaining high standards of safety in construction sites.

The following aspects highlight the importance of the CITB SSSTS Course in Rochdale:

  1. Safety Compliance: The CITB SSSTS Course equips attendees with essential knowledge and skills required to promote and enforce safety measures on construction sites. With an emphasis on risk assessment, hazard identification, and implementing preventative measures, this course ensures compliance with industry regulations and reduces accident rates.

  2. Professional Development: The course provides a valuable opportunity for site supervisors to enhance their professional capabilities. By attending the CITB SSSTS Course in Rochdale, individuals can broaden their understanding of health and safety best practices, legal responsibilities, and effective communication strategies. This knowledge empowers professionals to enforce safety standards while effectively managing their teams.

  3. Industry Recognition: Completion of the CITB SSSTS Course is widely recognised within the construction industry, both locally within Rochdale and across the UK. Having this certification demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe working environment, enhancing professional credibility, and increasing employability prospects within the construction sector.

  4. Mitigating Risks: By undergoing the CITB SSSTS Course, professionals gain valuable insight into identifying potential hazards and implementing appropriate control measures. This knowledge helps mitigate risks, minimising accidents, injuries, and property damage on construction sites in Rochdale.

  5. Legal Requirements: The CITB SSSTS Course ensures that site supervisors in Rochdale comply with legal obligations and regulations set forth by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). By staying up to date with the latest requirements and techniques, participants can confidently navigate the complex landscape of health and safety legislation.

Therefore, the CITB SSSTS Course in Rochdale plays a crucial role in promoting safe working practices, enhancing professional competence, and ensuring compliance within the thriving construction industry of the city.