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Course overview

These 16-hour first aid courses are a pre-requisite for SFA and SYFA Club Licensing. The Scottish Football Association Club Licensing requires that all teams have at least one person on the touchline who has Sports First Aid training, where a Chartered Physiotherapist is not available.

Our Sports First Aid courses are taught by certified instructors and are created with the intention of being Sports First Aid. The course is scenario-based, covering adult and child leg injury management as well as CPR. All of our courses include the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this SYFA Approved Sports First Aid Course.


Our course costs are £70PP or £700 for on-site training at your venue with a maximum group size of 12 learners.

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Modules breakdown

  • The first responder’s responsibilities.
  • The responsibilities of a first aider, the duty of care and standards of care, and roles and responsibilities especially regarding children are all outlined here.
  • First response at a sport facility
  • First aid for sporting events.
  • The SYFA first aid kit.
  • Assisting the injured in an emergency.
  • Basic life support (in accordance with the most recent European Resuscitation Council recommendations) will be provided.
  • The overall management of the unconscious patient.
  • Choking.
  • The recovery position and the actions that must be taken while vomiting are shown here.
  • Injuries to the head including facial injuries.
  • Specific guidance for managing concussion using the evidence-based approach based on new Scottish standards (2015).
  • Spinal injuries.
  • Injuries to the arms and soft tissue, as well as a suspected fracture.
  • Management of shock and bleeding injuries.
  • Wounds and burns.
  • Sports-related illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, convulsions, angina/heart attack, stroke, and environmental issues including heat and cold.

For everyone involved in sports, including coaches, players, referees, officials, spectators, and parents, the SYFA sports first aid course offers thorough training on health and safety. The emphasis of the course is on injury prevention, teaching participants how to spot potential threats and take precautions to avoid getting hurt. The course gives students the knowledge and abilities they need to respond appropriately to emergencies and offer the necessary care. The proper use of equipment and the significance of maintaining secure facilities are also covered in the course. Overall, the SYFA sports first aid course comes highly recommended from those who value the health and safety of all participants in sports and is a requirement for anyone involved in athletics.

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