As the leading heating and utilities training provider in Scotland, Skills Training Group has facilities in Paisley and Dalgety Bay, Fife. We operate out of state of the art training facilities that allow us to prepare our students for real-world situations, giving them a competitive edge when it comes to being hired and staying gainfully employed.


Founded in 2011, we focus on delivering high quality, employer-led training that sets our students up for entering the heating and utilities workforce in Scotland and the surrounding area. With a reputation for being the leading training provider in Scotland, we’re proud to deliver training and consulting for some of the UK’s most well-known and reputable heating and utilities employers, including Scottish Power, Actavo, City Technical Services, Morrison Utilities Services, Providor & Everwarm.


While the rest of the training industry has stayed static over the last few years, Skills Training Group is continuing to innovate and grow. We believe that the best thing we can do to further the development of professions in the heating and utilities niche is to offer practical training that really prepares individuals for real-life work.

We take being “job ready” seriously.

When our students leave our academy, they become some of the most top qualified and sought-after applicants. Employers look for our students because they know they won’t require extensive extra training in order to start taking jobs and earning a profit. The experience you’ll get while training with us gives you everything you need to start excelling from day one.

In order to train the best, we make sure our team is the best. That means that we are constantly investing in:

The personal development of our staff.

Our training facilities in order to provide access to the newest technologies in the industry.

Updating our training curriculum so that we can tailor what we teach to employer requirements, keeping our courses both practical and informative.

Fostering relationships with leading employers in the industry to guarantee our candidates work placements with a seamless transition into full-time employment.

When students leave our training facilities, they enter a well-established field that offers:






Our Facilities




A bespoke area for new entrants to gain the knowledge they need to fabricate and solder pipework, our full system allows them to gain the understanding and practice of heating systems under real-time challenges. This area also allows our faculty to teach students how to use hot works equipment on a variety of materials. During the installation process, students learn how to be fully compliant on all aspects of installing gas equipment at a very high standard.

“The hot works and fabrication area is amazing. I was able to gain understanding and practice under real-time challenges.”

– Mark Campbell, completed the ‘Gas Foundation Course’ in 2016

We offer multiple sites around our training facilities  to demonstrate a hydronic system design and the impact that poor circulation has on the components within a heating system. Bespoke designed and fully functional, these areas are made of perspex pipe that allows students to see exactly how a heating system is designed and the role that pipe-work installation has on the functionality. While in this arena, our students will see inside the system itself and have the opportunity to change the hydraulic effects with user-friendly valves and electronic system controls.

We have multiple service and repair workshops throughout our centres that incorporate a mixture of both old and new gas appliances.  It’s equally important to be knowledgable about the decades-old appliances as it is to be up to date with the newest technology.  A good knowledge of both old and new systems will be a substantial help for students when working in our industry. We are able to simulate real-life faults and scenarios on these workshops to gradually build your experience and confidence.

The Feefo Gold Trusted Service award


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Third Place – National Energy Efficiency Awards for Quality Management, Compliance & Training Company of the Year 2019.


Our dedication to excellence saw us take home 3rd place at the National Energy Efficiency Awards for Quality Management, Compliance & Training Company of the Year 2019.

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