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Every homeowner knows the trials and tribulations of managing the home boiler. The last thing you want is for that boiler to run less efficiently, or shut off altogether. Yet, it can seem like at times, managing the boiler is out of our control – what’s causing it to stop working without warning?

Well, the rust and debris that can build up in your pipes over time can make this boiler nightmare a very real reality. But, as a responsible homeowner, that doesn’t mean you need to sit there and just accept that this catastrophe is going to happen. That’s why magnetic filters have become so popular: they collect the build-up and dirt before it stacks up within your central heating system. Using a magnetic boiler filter, you can ensure your boiler will continue to run as normal, at peak efficiency. What’s better than that?

You might be sitting there right now, asking yourself: do I really need a magnetic filter? It’s a fair question to ask!

Magnetic filters for combi boilers are fitted to your boiler’s unique pipework. They extract debris from the flowing water that fills the pipes, so nothing can build up and impact this water flow in the future. Therefore, here are a few reasons why fitting a magnetic filter to your boiler system can be beneficial:

  1. Lower Energy Bills: When water is moving seamlessly through your pipes, your home’s energy bills will lower due to the ease of flow. When pipes are filled with blockages, your boiler needs to work overtime to get the water from point A to point B.
  2. More Efficiency: During those cold and damp autumn and winter months, heat is crucial to living comfortably. Your boiler is responsible for the reliability of your heating system, which is why magnetic filters will ensure a total efficient heating solution.
  3. Reduced Carbon Footprint: By reducing the amount of energy your boiler needs, you are also reducing your carbon footprint created by energy demands. It’s an environmentally-conscious solution everyone should be considering.
  4. Lower Risk for Repair: When your pipes get blocked up, an engineer needs to come in and fix the situation for you. This can be seriously expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Boiler filters will remove this need altogether.
  5. Sustained Boiler Life: By protecting and investing in the cleanliness of your heating system, you’ll reduce blockages on expensive parts such as your boilers heat exchanger or your radiators.
  6. Longer Boiler Warranty: Your boiler warranty will be extended when you install a magnetic filter.

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Why is There Build-Up in My Pipes?

Water is a corrosive agent that can cause rust to form in metals over time. When you combine rust with different debris that passes through water, the two can interact and create a sludge-like substance. This muddiness can grow and grow until water is unable to pass through the pipes altogether. When this happens, the lifespan of your heating system decreases, your boiler efficiency decreases, and the overall heat output decreases as well.

This mud can cause the following:

  • Cloudy water coming out of your tap
  • A faulty boiler that requires expensive maintenance and repairs
  • Loud boilers and radiators with cold spots and the bottom of them
  • Expensive energy bills
  • Boiler replacement

That’s why magnetic boiler filters are changing lives everywhere today. They are able to protect against the unwanted occurrences listed above while making your life easier.

So, now that you know the value and benefits of a boiler water filter, how can you determine which one is right for you and your humble abode? We’re glad you asked!

Finding the Right Magnetic Filter

Like any market, you have quite of few options to choose from when it comes to magnetic filters. To make this process easier on you, we’re providing a side-by-side comparison below. Please read through the details to make your decision.

Option #1: Trappex Centramag

  • Works with both vertical and horizontal pipework
  • Comes with 5 non-magnetic dirt separators
  • Easy servicing with no need to disassemble
  • Can work up to 130 degrees Celsius

Option #2: Sentinel Eliminator Vortex

  • Comes with a 360-degree T-piece
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple cleaning can be done with wiping or flushing
  • Vortex core enhances debris retention, opening up pipes

Option #3: Fernox TF1

  • Takes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris out of the water
  • Places debris inside of the filter
  • Works with both vertical and horizontal pipework
  • Opens up the flow of water seamlessly
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Easy installation

Option #4: Adey Pro2 Magnaclean

  • The preferred option for larger heating systems
  • Uses rapid fit connectors for quick servicing
  • Comes with a 360-degree rotational valve
  • Leverages an ultra-thin sheath for effective magnetic capturing


If you are close to making your magnetic filter purchase, do note that some boiler manufacturers have their own magnetic filters. So, should you add to your new boiler with one of these filters, the warranty period of the boiler can qualify for an extension.

The final question you are probably wondering is as follows: can you add one of these magnetic filters to your already existing system?

The short answer is: yes. If you don’t want to replace your boiler, you can have a boiler filter fitted for your existing system. But, depending on where the boiler is installed, this might not make sense.

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Download your free information pack

Find out how you could train as a domestic gas engineer by downloading a free copy of our information pack.

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