In today’s technologically advanced world, electricians are on a constant lookout for tools that can make their work more efficient and convenient. The year 2024 has seen a surge in mobile applications designed specifically for electricians working in the UK. These apps cater to various needs such as project management, calculations, and electrical planning, becoming an essential part of a modern electrician’s toolkit.

Keeping abreast with the latest trends and striving for continuous improvement, our article discusses the top five electrician apps for 2024 in the UK. These applications have been carefully selected based on their utility, features, and popularity among professionals in the industry. So, let’s dive in and explore these innovative tools that are revolutionising the way electricians carry out their tasks on a daily basis.

Top 5 Electrician Apps

The year 2024 sees numerous mobile applications designed specifically for electricians in the UK to make their work more efficient and accurate. Here, we’ll discuss the top 5 electrician apps worth considering for your day-to-day tasks.

1. Ugly’s Electrical References

For quick and accurate answers with a user-friendly format, Ugly’s Electrical References stands out as an essential resource for electricians. It provides important information such as wire sizes, voltage drops, types of circuits, and electrical formulas.

2. Electrical Calculations LITE

Electrical Calculations LITE is a comprehensive electrical calculator that offers more features than might initially seem. It allows electricians to calculate critical values like voltage drop, resistance, and wire size, making it a handy tool on the go.

3. PoweredNow

Effective invoicing and project management are crucial for any electrician business. PoweredNow offers a comprehensive set of features for managing and organising your trade business, with prices starting at £4.99 per month.

4. QuickBooks

For self-employed electricians and small electrical businesses, QuickBooks is an ideal choice for managing finances on the move. This bookkeeping programme helps you stay on top of your company’s income and expenses, ensuring better financial control.

5. Invoice2Go

Another great invoicing tool for electricians is Invoice2Go. Its Pro package, costing £99 a year, offers a wide range of features to efficiently manage your trade business, from customised estimates to expense tracking.

These top 5 electrician apps are designed to make your work more accurate, efficient, and organised. Each of these apps caters to different aspects of your profession, so consider your specific needs when choosing the right tools for your business.

App Features and Benefits

Electrician apps offer various features designed to improve productivity, organisation, and accuracy in the field. Here are some notable functionalities and related benefits:

Calculations and Measurements: Efficient electrician apps, like iCertifi Fast Calc, provide instant access to electrical calculators that cover a wide range of measurements, such as voltage drop, power factor correction, and lux level. These tools allow electricians to make quick and accurate calculations, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

Project Management: Comprehensive project management tools, such as those found in the DeWalt Mobile Pro app, help streamline workflows and improve organisation. With customisable features and options, electricians can keep track of projects, deadlines, and resources more effectively, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Job Scheduling and Dispatch: Electrician apps also include features that streamline job scheduling and dispatch processes. For example, Tradify is an electrical contractor management software solution that offers quoting, labour scheduling, and invoicing capabilities. By streamlining these processes, electricians can better manage their workload and ensure timely job completion.

Customisable Forms and Templates: Many electrician apps offer customisable forms and templates that facilitate the creation of professional documents, such as safety risk assessments, test certificates, and inspection reports. This helps electricians save time while maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Real-time Collaboration Tools: Real-time collaboration tools grant electricians the ability to communicate with colleagues and clients quickly and efficiently. These features promote a more collaborative work environment, allowing for faster problem-solving and decision-making in any given project.

In summary, electrician apps provide essential features aimed at fostering efficient workflows, improved accuracy, and better collaboration in the field. By utilising these tools, electricians in the UK can enhance their overall productivity and ultimately deliver higher-quality services to their clients.

App Pricing and Subscription Options

Various electrician apps offer different pricing and subscription options, catering to the diverse needs of users.

PoweredNow provides a pricing plan starting at £4.99 per month, making it accessible for professionals seeking an affordable app with comprehensive features to manage their trade business. Another option is Invoice2Go, which offers a pro package at £99 a year.

For electricians looking for all-in-one solutions, Connecteam offers an award-winning software solution to manage their team efficiently. Its pricing details are available on their website, allowing users to choose the plan that fits their business requirements.

Another popular choice is the ServiceTitan Mobile app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. This app requires a subscription to use and provides a cloud-based platform for electricians to manage their business more efficiently and improve customer service.

Lastly, DeWalt Mobile Pro is a free app for electrical contractors, making it an attractive option for those trying to save on costs while still benefiting from an efficient project management tool.


In summary, the selection of top electrician apps for 2024 in the UK has been carefully curated to cater to diverse needs in the industry. These applications offer valuable features, ranging from electrical calculations, project management, reference materials, and more. By integrating these tools into daily operations, electricians can greatly improve their efficiency and overall job quality.

Among the industry-leading applications, DeWalt Mobile Pro stands out as an excellent project management and reference app for electrical contractors. Additionally, the Cable Calc + by Megger is a reliable option for cable calculations and voltage drop assessments, making it a must-have app for electricians in the UK.

These top apps for electricians serve as a testament to the rapid advancements in technology and how they continue to shape the electrical industry in the UK. By harnessing the power of these applications, electricians can expect to see significant improvements in job performance, client satisfaction, and overall business growth.

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