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Course overview

This course benefits candidates by teaching them about common mental health problems in the workplace, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and stress. It also covers how to aid in crisis situations, recognise the symptoms of work-related stress, and deliver effective wellness action plans.

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This course has one compulsory unit with a total qualification time of 14 hours. All contact hours are guided learning hours. Students do not need to study by themselves (unlike some online courses). Learners have up to 12 weeks to earn this qualification and can either take it as an intensive course over two days or in multiple shorter sessions. There is no requirement for any self-study or work outside of teaching hours.

Entry requirements

This course is for people over the age of 18 who have an interest in mental health and would like to assist colleagues in crisis situations. While anyone can take this course, it is best suited for HR professionals and line managers.

Methods of Assessment

The assessment for this course is a 40-minute multiple-choice question paper. To pass, candidates must score 18 out of 25 or more.


Successful candidates will receive a personalised Qualsafe Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace (Level 1 RQF) e-Certificate.

Modules breakdown

The Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid includes understanding mental health and its importance, the roles and responsibilities that apply when considering positive wellbeing in the workplace and implementing effective action planning. Learners will learn about a range of common mind-related health conditions in-depth such as bipolar disorder, and anxiety, and when they should direct colleagues to voluntary sector organisations for support. They will also learn skills, such as active listening and how to maintain comfortable eye contact with the other person.

The Level 3 course is designed to provide comprehensive assistance to businesses, too. Employees learn how to develop a culture of wellbeing through better awareness of mental health issues at all levels of the organisation, whistleblower policies, and how to combat things like bullying and harassment.