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By taking the SIA Top-Up Upskilling Training Course in Glasgow, you position yourself to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities arising within Scotland's burgeoning security industry.

2 Days
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Classroom & Practical

Door Supervisor Training Glasgow

Are you contemplating a career as a Door Supervisor? Embarking on a new career path can seem daunting, particularly when it necessitates additional training. For those aspiring to acquire an SIA Licence, undergoing Door Supervisor Training is mandatory.

6 Days

Considering an SIA License?

Wondering if you require instruction to establish a career in security? Possessing an SIA license is crucial, and the appropriate training is essential depending on the specific security role you are interested in.

Door Supervisor and Security Guard Training:

To secure an SIA Door Supervisor Licence, undertaking the Door Supervisor Training Course is obligatory. It qualifies you for roles such as Door Supervisor or Security Guard in the private security sector, allowing for varied responsibilities including static guarding, manned guarding, and key holding.

CCTV Operator Training

Pursuing the CCTV Training Course is mandatory to obtain a CCTV Licence, a prerequisite for a role as a CCTV operator. This position involves monitoring extensive camera feeds from a control room and observing for any suspicious activities or behaviors.

Close Protection Training:

Earning a qualification in Close Protection is the initial step towards acquiring an SIA Licence for a role as a Close Protection Officer. The training encompasses diverse skills including threat analysis, operational planning, and vehicle techniques, serving as an introduction to the profession of a Close Protection Officer.

Security Dog Handler Courses

The NASDU Level 2 dog handler course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to assume the role of a general-purpose Security Dog Handler.

Deciding Your Path in Security Industry

Each training course is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required for your chosen field within the security industry. Whether your interest lies in surveillance, close protection, door supervision, or security dog handling, obtaining the correct training and licence is crucial to ensuring a successful career in security.

By evaluating your interests, skills, and career goals, you can determine whether obtaining an SIA Licence is the right step for you and which specific training aligns with your aspirations in the security industry.

The Role and Rewards of a Close Protection Operative

Choosing a career as a Close Protection Operative entails assuming a crucial role where the principal task is to shield clients from potential threats and ensure their swift relocation to secure locations. Clients can range from high-profile individuals such as VIPs and celebrities to business persons possessing substantial net worth.

Facing Various Threats

Close Protection Operatives confront numerous and varied risks, including violent attacks, hostile confrontations, and terrorist activities. The responsibility is immense as it involves safeguarding individuals who may be exposed to elevated levels of threat due to their status or profession.

Comprehensive Training

The Close Protection Training Course is meticulously structured to equip aspirants with the skills necessary to excel in this role. The course covers the vast spectrum of skills required, focusing on protective measures in potentially hazardous situations. It includes learning about risk assessment, operational planning, and response strategies to various threats, ensuring the Operative is prepared to protect clients effectively under diverse circumstances.

Why Choose a Career in Close Protection?

Opting for a career as a Close Protection Operative is not merely about providing security; it’s about delivering peace of mind. It’s a role for those who have a passion for protection and who can commit to ensuring the safety of others. This profession offers a dynamic working environment, every day presenting new challenges and requiring constant vigilance and readiness. For those who have the dedication, the skills learned, and experiences gained in this field can be highly rewarding.

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Glasgow Central Train Station

Our Glasgow SIA Venue

SIA Training Venue in Glasgow:

96 Hope Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G2 6PH

Why Opt for SIA Training in Glasgow?

Pursuing SIA training in Glasgow is crucial for individuals aiming to join the private security sector, as per the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001. Every aspiring security professional must acquire a recognised qualification before applying for a licence.

The Level 2 Award in Door Supervision is structured to comply with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards, aligning with the relevant SIA Specifications for Learning and Qualifications. It’s designed to equip learners with the essential skills and knowledge needed to secure an SIA licence and pursue a career as a Door Supervisor in the private security industry.

The course is broken down into four crucial units:

  1. Working in the Private Security Industry: Overview of the industry and the legal, practical, and social aspects involved.
  2. Working as a Door Supervisor: Specific roles, responsibilities, and skills of a Door Supervisor.
  3. Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry: Techniques and methods to resolve conflicts effectively.
  4. Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry: Practical skills required to intervene and manage physical confrontations safely.

Advantages of the Course:

Completing the Door Supervision course opens up opportunities to work as a professional Door Supervisor and a Security Guard, providing flexibility and varied experiences in the security sector.

Why Glasgow?

Glasgow, with its comprehensive and well-structured courses, provides an ideal location for SIA training, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to enter the security industry with the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications.