Training as a gas engineer can be a very lucrative career investment, but it is crucial that you know the requirements to legally work as a gas installer.


What is the Gas Safe Register

The Gas Safe Register is a governing body for gas engineers in the UK, Northern Ireland, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

It is an official list of gas companies who are accredited to carry out work on gas appliances, such as boilers, water heaters, fires, bookers, gas meters and other types of gas appliances.

Many homeowners still refer to the Gas Safe Register as CORGI, but they are separate companies and the Gas Safe Register took over as the governing body for gas in the UK and Isle of Man in April 2009 and in Northern Ireland and Guernsey in April 2010.

It is a mandatory and legal requirement that all gas businesses and engineers are approved on the Gas Safe Register


What does the Gas Safe Register do

Ultimately the role of the Gas Safe Register is to ensure the safety of the general public.

The Gas Safe register ensures that all gas engineers work to the minimum industry standards. They undertake inspections of gas work ensuring they are complying with best standards and investigate reports of illegal gas work.

Investigating reports of illegal and dangerous gas work, the Gas Safe register applies sanctions where unsafe work is identified and reports the findings to HSE, which may result in prosecution.

They also undertake consumer campaigns, promoting awareness of gas safety problems such as the dangers of using illegal gas fitters and issues with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lastly, they have a service where engineers are required to self-certify that their gas installations comply with Building Regulations in England and Wales.


How to become Gas Safe registered

To become Gas Safe Registered, you must:

  • Complete an appropriate Gas Managed Learning Programme
  • Build a portfolio of gas work alongside a registered gas engineer
  • Undertake an ACS Assessment for CCN1 and relevant appliances
  • Apply to join the Gas Safe Register

After you have completed training at a gas training facility, built your gas portfolio and achieved your CCN1 and appliances qualification, you’re ready to join the Gas Safe Register.

Depending on your experience, the whole process can take between 18-25 weeks to complete.


How much does it cost to become Gas Safe Registered

If your brand new to the industry, with no prior knowledge or experience, the total cost of training is £7770 including VAT if you decide to train with Skills Training Group.

Click here for our new entrant gas courses which include:

  • 17 weeks of intensive gas training in our state-of-the-art facilities, covering gas boilers, water heaters, cookers and fires.
  • A guaranteed 7-week work placement with a reputable gas engineering employer, allowing you to build your mandatory portfolio.
  • The ACS Assessment for CCN1 and appliances which takes 1 week.


How do I join the Gas Safe Register after training

Once you pass your ACS Assessments you will receive your certificate of competence from LCL Awards, which will allow you to apply to join the Gas Safe Register.

If you’re working for an employer, they will add you to their registration, however, if you decide to work for yourself, you’ll need to apply directly with Gas Safe.

The current cost of registering your own company is £362 plus VAT, which then needs to be renewed annually.

You will be given a probationary Gas Safe Licence, and your local Gas Safe Inspector will visit you within your first three months to undertake a short assessment, similar to your ACS assessment.

For more information on how to join the Gas Safe Register, click here to visit their website.


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