Oil prices are only getting higher by the day, and driving a fuel-powered car isn’t exactly the most sustainable and environment-friendly choice either.

This is the reason why most people nowadays are investing in energy transition. To put it simply ELECTRIC CARS.

If you’re considering getting yourself an electric vehicle soon, it is equally important to research the charging stations near you.

This article lists down, in no particular order, the 10 BEST EV charging companies and car manufacturers in the UK!

The 10 Best EV Charger Manufacturers

1. EVBox

EV Box

EVBox might just be the largest network of electric vehicle charging stations in the world. Currently, it has over 60,000 EV charging points and 700 fast-charging stations.

EVBox presents itself as the all-in-one solution to provide you with the best service and equipment for your electric vehicle. This company provides its customers with quality hardware and software solutions and business charging solutions.

With the EVBox software, you can easily manage EV charging yourself.

Aside from these, this company also sells charging stations and wall models equipped with fixed cables. So if you’re thinking of getting one for your home or maybe even starting a business, EVBox has got you covered.

And the best part? EVBox services ALL types of electric cars, even semi-electric vehicles!

2. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is an emerging company in the electric vehicle industry. It is more commonly known for manufacturing electrical equipment such as fuses, circuit breakers, and sensors.

Recently, Schneider Electric has expanded to electric vehicle charging. It offers a wide range of energy solutions for EV drivers.

Schneider Electric provides:

  • Charging equipment for public use in parks and streets
  • Fast charging solutions
  • Wall models for home charging and personal use and
  • Energy management systems for optimised EV charging

The goal of Schneider Electric is to provide more affordable options for AC and DC charging. Currently, its DC units can provide charging speeds of up to 24 kW.

3. BP Pulse

BP Pulse

BP Pulse is the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, with over 9,000 public stations and 3,000 ultra-fast charging points. This company has also been serving thousands of people for over 10 years in the vehicle charging stations market.

You can definitely trust BP Pulse to only provide you with high-quality services! Aside from public charging stations, this company also offers home electric vehicle chargers.

Are you always on the go? BP Pulse offers charging speeds of up to 150W. Payment can also be completed through their mobile app, so you can pay as you go easily after charging.

PRO TIP: You can save so much more when you download the BP Pulse app. You can even get more discounts when you apply to their subscription packages!

4. Tesla

Tesla Logo

Tesla owns networks that work on efficient energy generation and top-notch storage systems. But apart from that, Tesla is most famously known for being a first-rate electric car manufacturer.

Seriously, who doesn’t know Tesla? Tesla has been one of the leading innovators in the automotive industry.

It is one of the BIGGEST electric vehicle companies in the world, promoting sustainable energy. Of course, you can expect that it also offers first-rate charging services!

You can choose between two types of charging stations for Tesla:

  • Tesla Supercharger – The Supercharger allows for fast charging with a charging speed of up to 250W. These Supercharging charging stations are located on public motorways.
  • Tesla Destination – The Destination, on the other hand, offers free charging for Tesla owners. These charging stations are located usually at hotels and shopping malls in the UK.

With Tesla, your electric vehicle will practically never go uncharged!

There are about 3,400 Supercharger points and over 31,000 available charging stations at Destination points.

Tesla also offers home electric vehicle chargers suitable for residential spaces.

HEADS UP: The Tesla charging network is only currently available for Tesla models.

5. GRIDSERVE Electric Highway


The Gridserve and Electric Highway partnership has allowed for low-cost electric vehicle charging with whopping speeds of up to 350W.

What’s more, EV charging infrastructure run by these companies is found all over the UK!

The goal of Gridserve and Electric Highway has always been to encourage more people to transition to electric cars and green energy. That’s why these companies made sure only to provide the best service to their customers.

One charging infrastructure can provide 12 first-rate pumps that are contactless. So you’ll never worry about waiting in line to charge your car.

FUN FACT: The EV charging infrastructure by Gridserve and Electric Highway run on solar-powered energy.

6. Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge Logo

Shell is famous all around the world for being one of the major oil companies. But it has also recently entered the vehicle charging stations market with Shell Recharge.

Shell Recharge has over 140 electric vehicle charging stations across the UK, providing renewable energy. The number is comparably smaller compared to the other companies in this list, but Shell promises you QUALITY.

The Shell charging network offers a charging speed of 50kWh for their regular DC chargers and about 150kWh to 175kWh for their ultra-rapid DC chargers.

Shell currently has 65 rapid chargers and 54 ultra-rapid chargers available for use in any Recharge station.

However, some people may find the services offered by Shell Recharge to be pricey. Despite that, you can be sure that Shell uses 100% renewable energy for their charging solutions.

PRO TIP: While waiting for your car to charge, you can grab a coffee or even a sandwich at Shell Select.

7. Hyundai

Hyundai Logo

Hyundai and Kia are both established companies in the automotive industry that have partnered to create quality charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Hyundai has over 15,000 wireless charging points across the UK. Plus, you’ll never have trouble locating one since Hyundai has made it especially easy.

With the Charge MyHyundai app, you’ll be able to find the nearest Hyundai charging station near you!

This company also provides fast charging services through IONITY. IONITY is a high-power charging network that can charge your car at speeds reaching 350kW. Currently, IONITY has 15 stations in the UK.

FUN FACT: Hyundai has recently introduced solar-powered electric vehicles into the market! A vehicle is powered through solar energy, made possible by having a solar panel integrated into its roof.

8. ChargePoint

Chargepoint Logo

ChargePoint is probably one of the largest companies offering electric vehicle charging services in the world today. This company has established its place in the growing vehicle charging stations market for years.

The number of their charging stations is expanding by the day. Currently, ChargePoint has over 66,000 public and semi-public electric vehicle charging stations. You probably have already been to one yourself!

What makes ChargePoint stand out? ChargePoint boasts of their quality cloud services, hardware, and support that are highly certified.

With ChargePoint, you’ll get the best charging solutions with the industry’s best technologies.

9. ChargePlace Scotland

Charge Point Scotland Logo

ChargePlace Scotland is the national network of Scotland, and it is operated by the Scottish government. It offers accessible and convenient charging points to the majority of people residing in Scotland.

ChargePlace Scotland is growing FAST. This year alone, it has been reported that the company already has over 2,286 electric vehicle charging stations in Scotland, including areas near the borders and the Shetland Islands.

The best part? Members of the network can avail of FREE energy services in most of the charging stations in Scotland. Fast charging options are also offered.

10. EB Charging

EB Charging

EB Charging is a Blink Charging company based in the UK. Blink Charging has been growing in the market, and it has even been predicted to become one of the largest electric car charging networks in the world.

With EB Charging, you can expect customer-centred consultations. This company aims to give the best charging solutions through consultations. They will recommend the best chargers and equipment fit for your needs.

Aside from these, EB Charging also provides solutions powered by solar energy. You will get to charge electric vehicles and power your EV chargers through solar power.

The Rise of Electric Cars

There has been an evident shift in the UK electric vehicle market. More and more people are transitioning to electric cars and hybrid vehicles.

In 2019 alone, there has been a market cap of over $2.76 billion in the electric car business in Europe.

It is also predicted that the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of electric car sales will increase by 14% during the forecast period of 2022-2026.

Hybrid vehicle sales are also predicted to increase, comprising 31% of the overall electric vehicle sales!

Of course, the rise of electric cars also comes with the growth of the electric vehicle charging market!

Who Makes EV Chargers?

Most firms in this business manufacture their own hardware and software, just like Tesla and ChargePoint.

Several have partners with other hardware and network manufacturers to boost and improve the efficiency and quality of their systems.

Other firms, on the other hand, are resellers like RAW Charging.

What Is the Biggest Electric Car Charging Company?

There are two giants creating electric vehicle charging solutions in the UK today: EVBox and ChargePoint.

In terms of having the biggest number of charging points, these two are the winners:

  • EVBox has currently over 60,000 EV charging points and 700 fast-charging stations
  • ChargePoint has over 66,000 public and semi-public electric vehicle charging stations

However, in terms of the company with the biggest market capitalisation so far, the winner would be Tesla.

Tesla leads the market with a market cap of $706.60 billion. It is followed by ChargePoint, with a market cap of $4.27 billion.

How about companies in other countries?

One company to take note of is Star Charge. Star Charge is China’s leading electric vehicle charging station, with over 257,000 EV charging points nationwide.

Leading names in the electric vehicle market should definitely keep an eye out for this company!

What Company Has the Most EV Charging Stations?

ChargePoint has got to be the company with the most EV charging facilities across the globe.

In Europe alone, ChargePoint has over 66,000 public and semi-public electric vehicle charging facilities.

In the United States, ChargePoint has over 30,000 available charging facilities with approximately 47,000 single charging ports.

Which Electric Charging Company Is Best?

If we have to pick, the best electric charging company would be ChargePoint. ChargePoint offers accessibility, convenience, and top-notch customer service alongside their cloud storage and excellent software.

Tesla also offers the best of the best, but the only drawback for Tesla is its exclusivity.

Another notable company we highly recommend would be BP Pulse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Manufactures ChargePoint EV Chargers?

ChargePoint designs and manufactures its own EV chargers, hardware, and software. It has its own testing facility as well.

But over the years, ChargePoint has partnered with different hardware providers through their OnRamp program. The ChargePoint OnRamp program has made partnerships with companies such as Alfen and BMW possible.

This has quickly made ChargePoint widely known as one of the BEST firms for renewable energy generation!

How Many EV Charger Companies Are There?

There are over 300 EV charger firms in the world providing a range of sustainable energy solutions.

What Are the Payment Options?

Most companies operate in-house mobile apps that will let you monitor and optimise your charging.

These apps also enable contactless payment through credit card or Apple Pay, so you can pay as you go right after charging.


We hope you found this comprehensive list helpful! All the companies included offer a wide range of sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

These companies provide various types of charging options to power your electric car, so you can either charge your car at an electric vehicle charging station or charge it at home!

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