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A 3-day classroom based IOSH Managing Safely Course. IOSH Managing Safely is aimed at anyone with responsibility for other employees, including team leaders, supervisors, and managers. The IOSH Managing Safely course is appropriate for staff across all industries, sectors and markets.

3 Day Course
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The IOSH Managing Safely refresher training is designed for anybody who has previously received the IOSH Managing Safely certification and now wishes to update their skills via virtual classroom study. We suggest that everyone who completes an IOSH Managing Safely course takes IOSH refresher training within three years of completion. Students will join the virtual classroom via a zoom link where your trainer will guide you through your training.

1 Day Course

IOSH Courses Online

We are excited to announce that we now offer classes online too! In addition to our IOSH Courses in Edinburgh, Skills Training Group is pleased to provide these courses online via our virtual classroom. This format ensures that managers, directors, and supervisors from any location can develop the skills needed to effectively manage health and safety in their organisations.

For an extensive range of IOSH Courses available in Edinburgh and online, please peruse our complete selection below. Here, you will find detailed information about the pricing and content of each course.

Frequently Asked Questions


At Skills Training Group, we offer a range of IOSH courses, each designed to cater to different levels of responsibility and roles within an organisation:

IOSH Managing Safely: This is a comprehensive three-day course specifically tailored for managers and supervisors. It equips them with essential knowledge and skills to manage all aspects of Health & Safety within their organisation. The course is divided into eight modules, covering vital topics such as risk assessment, legal responsibilities, auditing, and the environmental impact of workplace activities.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: This course is a one-day refresher aimed at individuals who have previously completed the IOSH Managing Safely course and hold a valid certificate. It refreshes their knowledge in the key areas of Managing Safely and extends the validity of their certificate for an additional three years.

IOSH Working Safely: Suitable for employees at any level in any sector, this course provides a foundational understanding of health and safety essentials. It covers two primary areas – health & safety and environmental basics – and is a recognised route to qualify for the CSCS green labourer card exam.

IOSH Leading Safely: Designed for those in leadership roles, including Directors, Chief Executives, and Senior Managers, this one-day course emphasises the significance of strategic safety and health management. It delves into how this can be integrated into overall business management systems and performance management systems.

Each of these courses is structured to provide the relevant knowledge and skills required for different roles, ensuring that all participants receive training that is directly applicable to their position and responsibilities.


The IOSH Managing Safely course offered by Skills Training Group is aimed at a level suitable for supervisors, managers, and team leaders. It is specifically designed for individuals who are responsible for managing health and safety within their areas of work. The course focuses on providing these professionals with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage risks, address health and safety issues, and ensure the wellbeing of their teams in the workplace. This level of the course ensures that those in managerial or supervisory roles are well-equipped to uphold and implement health and safety standards in their daily operations.


An IOSH course is a professional training program focused on health and safety management in the workplace. Provided by Skills Training Group, these courses are designed to impart essential skills and knowledge necessary to create a safe working environment and to prevent accidents and injuries. Suitable for a variety of individuals, from employees and supervisors to managers and directors, IOSH courses cover a broad spectrum of topics. These topics may include risk assessment, understanding legal responsibilities, and addressing environmental impacts. The specific content covered in each course can vary, ensuring that there is a suitable programme for different roles and levels of responsibility within an organisation.


The IOSH courses provided by Skills Training Group cover a comprehensive array of topics related to health and safety management in the workplace. Participants in these courses acquire knowledge and develop skills in several critical areas, including:

Hazard Identification: Participants learn to identify potential hazards in the workplace, a crucial step in maintaining safety.

Risk Assessment: The course teaches the process of evaluating risks associated with identified hazards and how to effectively mitigate them.

Accident Prevention: Strategies and practises are discussed to help prevent accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Legal Responsibilities: There is a focus on understanding the legal obligations pertaining to health and safety that must be adhered to by both companies and individuals.

Best Practices: The course emphasizes the implementation of industry-standard best practices to create and sustain a safer working environment.

The depth and specific content of these topics vary depending on which IOSH course is being undertaken. For example, the "IOSH Managing Safely" course is tailored towards managers and supervisors, focusing on the management aspects of health and safety, while the "IOSH Working Safely" course is designed for employees at all levels, providing a fundamental understanding of health and safety in the workplace.


The duration of IOSH training courses offered by Skills Training Group varies based on the specific programme and the method of delivery. Generally, the IOSH courses have the following durations:

IOSH Managing Safely: This is the most popular course and is typically completed within approximately 3 days of training. It's designed to provide managers and supervisors with a comprehensive understanding of health and safety management in the workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: This course is a one-day refresher, intended for those who have previously completed the Managing Safely course and need to update their knowledge and extend their certification.

IOSH Working Safely: The duration of this course can vary, as it is designed to be flexible to accommodate different training approaches and content depth. This course provides employees at all levels with basic knowledge of health and safety.

These varying durations ensure that each course can adequately cover the specific topics and skills relevant to different roles and responsibilities in workplace health and safety.


Deciding between NEBOSH and IOSH courses hinges on your career objectives and the specific demands of your job role.

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health): NEBOSH courses are typically more in-depth and advanced, making them ideal for those aspiring to a specialised career in health and safety. These qualifications are recognised globally and are highly valued for professionals targeting upper-level positions in health and safety management.

IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health): IOSH courses, such as the widely-taken 'Managing Safely' programme, concentrate on imparting practical skills and fundamental knowledge. They are particularly suited for managers and supervisors in various sectors who need a basic understanding of health and safety as an integral part of their broader managerial responsibilities. IOSH courses are often regarded as an initial step for professionals who might consider NEBOSH qualifications for more advanced roles later on.

In essence, if your role as a manager or supervisor involves incorporating health and safety practises into your daily duties, an IOSH course could be the more fitting choice. However, if your aim is to specialise in the health and safety domain and pursue a career in this area, NEBOSH courses would probably be more advantageous.


The cost of IOSH courses provided by Skills Training Group starts at £195. However, it's essential to consider that the price can fluctuate depending on a few key factors, including:

The Specific IOSH Course: Different courses may have varying fees based on their content, duration, and complexity.

Training Location: The cost may vary if the training is conducted at different locations or if it requires additional resources.

Additional Materials or Services: If the course package includes extra materials or services, this could also affect the overall price.

For the most precise and current pricing information, it's recommended to contact Skills Training Group directly or to visit their website. There, you can find comprehensive details regarding the various IOSH courses they offer, along with the associated costs and any additional information you may need to make an informed decision.


The difficulty level of the IOSH Managing Safely course, as provided by Skills Training Group, can vary based on an individual's existing knowledge and experience in health and safety. However, Skills Training Group aims to make the course accessible and engaging for everyone, irrespective of their prior background. This is achieved through a combination of:

Clear Presentations: The course material is presented in a manner that is straightforward and easy to grasp, even for those with minimal or no previous experience in health and safety.

Interactive Activities: The course includes a variety of interactive elements to enhance learning and retention. These activities help reinforce the concepts being taught and make the learning experience more engaging and practical.

Experienced Trainers: The trainers are experienced professionals with deep expertise in health and safety. They provide valuable support and guidance throughout the course, assisting in demystifying complex topics and answering any questions that arise.

While the course may pose challenges, particularly for those who are new to health and safety concepts, the approach taken by Skills Training Group is tailored to ensure effective learning for a wide range of participants, making the course manageable and informative.


The IOSH course offered by Skills Training Group in Edinburgh generally has a high pass rate, though individual experiences may vary. The likelihood of success in the course is influenced by several key factors:

Proper Preparation: It's essential to dedicate time to thoroughly understand the course material and prepare for any assessments. This foundational groundwork is crucial for grasping the concepts taught in the course.

Active Participation: Actively engaging in the course is critical. This includes attending all sessions, participating in discussions, and being involved in interactive activities. Such engagement greatly enhances the understanding and retention of the material.

Commitment to Learning: A focused and committed approach to learning the principles of health and safety, as outlined in the course, is vital. This commitment is reflected in how participants absorb and apply the information presented.

Most participants who adopt a focused and dedicated approach to the learning process find the IOSH course manageable and are able to pass successfully. The course is designed to be approachable for a wide range of learners, with experienced trainers available to provide guidance and support throughout the training process.


The cost of IOSH courses in Edinburgh, as offered by Skills Training Group, varies according to the specific course you choose, reflecting the differences in duration and focus:

IOSH Working Safely Course: This fundamental course is designed for all workers, focusing on safe and healthy job performance. As a general course, it's priced at the lower end, starting from £130 for a 1-day course.

IOSH Managing Safely Course: Aimed at managers, this course concentrates on safe job performance in the workplace and ensuring that subordinates adhere to safety guidelines. It's a more comprehensive 3-day course, with prices starting from £395.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course: Intended for those who have already completed the Managing Safely course, this 1-day refresher is necessary every 3 years to keep the certification up to date. The starting price for this course is £195.

IOSH Leading Safely Courses: These bespoke 1-day courses are targeted at directors, owners, and senior executives. They cover the moral, legal, and business aspects of proactive health and safety management, as well as effective risk management. The cost for these courses begins at £245.

These varied prices reflect the diverse levels and types of training available, catering to professionals in different roles and with varying responsibilities in health and safety management.