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A 3-day classroom based IOSH Managing Safely Course. IOSH Managing Safely is aimed at anyone with responsibility for other employees, including team leaders, supervisors, and managers. The IOSH Managing Safely course is appropriate for staff across all industries, sectors and markets.

3 Day Course
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The IOSH Managing Safely refresher training is designed for anybody who has previously received the IOSH Managing Safely certification and now wishes to update their skills via virtual classroom study. We suggest that everyone who completes an IOSH Managing Safely course takes IOSH refresher training within three years of completion. Students will join the virtual classroom via a zoom link where your trainer will guide you through your training.

1 Day Course

IOSH Courses Online

We now offer classes online as well! Alongside our IOSH Courses in Glasgow, Skills Training Group is delighted to provide IOSH courses online through our virtual classroom. This ensures that managers, directors, and supervisors, regardless of their location, can acquire the necessary skills to manage health and safety within their company.

For a comprehensive selection of IOSH Courses available in Glasgow and online, please explore our complete range below, where you will find detailed information on prices and course content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which courses do you offer?

IOSH Courses

IOSH Managing Safely
This three-day course is tailored for managers and supervisors, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to oversee all aspects of Health & Safety within their organisation. The course, suitable for Directors, managers, and supervisors, is divided into eight modules, covering topics such as risk assessment, legal responsibilities, auditing, and the environmental impact of their activities.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher
Designed for individuals who already hold a valid Managing Safely certificate, this one-day refresher course updates their knowledge in key areas of Managing Safely. Completing this course extends the validity of their certificate for an additional three years.

IOSH Working Safely
The IOSH Working Safely course is intended for employees at any level and in any sector, offering a fundamental understanding of health and safety essentials. It encompasses two primary areas – health & safety and environmental basics, and is also a pathway to qualify for the CSCS green labourer card exam.

IOSH Leading Safely
Targeted at individuals in leadership roles, such as Directors, Chief Executives, and Senior Managers, the IOSH Leading Safely course is a one-day session. It focuses on the importance of strategic safety and health management and its integration into overall business management systems and performance management systems.

What level is IOSH Managing Safely course?

The IOSH Managing Safely course, as provided by Skills Training Group, is targeted at a level appropriate for supervisors, managers, and team leaders. This level is specifically designed for those who have responsibilities for health and safety management within their respective areas of work. The course aims to equip these professionals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage risks, handle health and safety issues, and ensure the wellbeing of their teams in the workplace.

What is an IOSH course?

An IOSH course is a professional training programme that concentrates on health and safety management in the workplace. Offered by Skills Training Group, this course aims to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to foster a safe working environment and prevent accidents and injuries. These courses are suitable for individuals at various levels, from employees and supervisors to managers and directors, and cover a range of topics, including risk assessment, legal responsibilities, and environmental impact, depending on the specific course taken.

What does the course cover?

The IOSH courses offered by Skills Training Group encompass a comprehensive range of topics pertaining to health and safety management in the workplace. Participants in these courses will gain knowledge and skills in several key areas, including:

Hazard Identification: Understanding how to recognise potential hazards in the workplace.

Risk Assessment: Learning the process of evaluating the risks associated with identified hazards and how to mitigate them.

Accident Prevention: Strategies and practices for preventing accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Legal Responsibilities: Awareness of the legal obligations related to health and safety that companies and individuals must adhere to.

Best Practises: Implementation of industry-standard best practises to cultivate and maintain a safer working environment.

The specific content and depth of these topics can vary depending on the particular IOSH course being undertaken, such as the "IOSH Managing Safely" course, which is geared towards managers and supervisors, or the "IOSH Working Safely" course, designed for employees at any level.

How long do the IOSH training courses last?

The length of an IOSH course provided by Skills Training Group varies depending on the specific program and the method of delivery. Typically, the most popular IOSH course, “IOSH Managing Safely,” is designed to be completed within approximately 3 days of training. Other IOSH courses may have different durations, such as the one-day “IOSH Managing Safely Refresher” course or the “IOSH Working Safely” course, whose duration can vary based on the training approach and content.

Which is better, NEBOSH or IOSH?

Choosing between NEBOSH and IOSH courses depends largely on your career goals and the specific requirements of your job role.

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health): These courses are generally more comprehensive and advanced, making them suitable for individuals who are looking to pursue a specialised career in health and safety. NEBOSH qualifications are often recognised internationally and are considered valuable for professionals aiming for higher-level positions in health and safety management.

IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health): IOSH courses, like the popular 'Managing Safely' programme, are more focused on providing practical skills and foundational knowledge. They are well-suited for managers and supervisors across various sectors who need to understand the essentials of health and safety as part of their broader management role. IOSH courses are often seen as a stepping stone for professionals who may later choose to pursue NEBOSH qualifications for more advanced roles.

Ultimately, if you are a manager or supervisor looking to integrate health and safety practises into your daily responsibilities, an IOSH course might be more appropriate. Conversely, if you aim to specialise in health and safety and seek a career in this field, NEBOSH courses would likely be more beneficial.

How much does the course cost?

The starting price for IOSH courses offered by Skills Training Group is £195. It's important to note that the cost can vary based on several factors, such as the specific IOSH course you choose, the location of the training, and any additional materials or services that might be included in the training package. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's advisable to check directly with Skills Training Group or visit their website for detailed information on the various IOSH courses they offer.

How difficult is the IOSH Managing Safely course?

The difficulty level of the IOSH course, as provided by Skills Training Group, can indeed vary depending on an individual's prior knowledge and experience in health and safety. However, Skills Training Group focuses on making the course accessible and engaging for all participants, regardless of their starting point. This is achieved through:

Clear Presentations: The course material is presented in a way that is easy to understand, even for those with little to no prior experience in health and safety.

Interactive Activities: To enhance learning and retention, the course includes various interactive elements. These activities help to solidify the concepts being taught and make the learning experience more dynamic.

Experienced Trainers: The trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge in health and safety. They are equipped to provide support and guidance throughout the course, helping to clarify any complex topics and answer questions.

Overall, while the course can present challenges, especially to those new to health and safety concepts, Skills Training Group's approach is designed to facilitate effective learning for a diverse range of participants.

Is the IOSH training glasgow hard to pass?

The pass rate for the IOSH course offered by Skills Training Group is typically high, although individual experiences can differ. Success in the course largely depends on factors such as:

Proper Preparation: Investing time in understanding the course material and preparing for assessments is crucial.

Active Participation: Engaging actively in the course, including attending all sessions and participating in discussions and activities, can significantly enhance understanding and retention of the material.

Commitment to Learning: A dedicated approach to learning and understanding the principles of health and safety as taught in the course is important.

Most participants find that with a focused approach and a commitment to the learning process, the IOSH course is manageable and they are able to successfully pass. The course is designed to be accessible, with experienced trainers who can provide guidance and support throughout the training.

Course Fees

The cost of IOSH courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow varies depending on the type of course you choose to enrol in, as offered by Skills Training Group. Each course has a different duration and focus, which is reflected in their pricing:

IOSH Working Safely Course: This is the most basic IOSH training, aimed at all workers to help them perform their jobs in a safe and healthy manner. Being a general course, it is priced at the lower end, starting from £130 for a 1-day course.

IOSH Managing Safely Course: Targeted at managers, this course focuses on safe job performance in the workplace and ensuring adherence to safety guidelines by subordinates. This is a more comprehensive 3-day course, with prices starting from £395.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course: For those who have already completed the Managing Safely course, a 1-day refresher course is required every 3 years. This refresher course starts from £195.

IOSH Leading Safely Courses: These are tailor-made 1-day courses designed for directors, owners, and senior executives. They provide an understanding of the moral, legal, and business case for proactive health and safety management, along with guidance on effective risk management. The cost for these courses starts from £245.

These varying price points reflect the different levels and types of training provided, catering to a wide range of professionals with different roles and responsibilities in health and safety management.