Plumbing Course Overview

We want to make sure that our plumbing courses are available to anyone who wants to get started within this sector, therefore we offer plumbing training courses at different levels: beginner, intermediate and experienced. Not only this, but we also offer our fundamental gas managed learning programme over a full-time or part-time period to work around your schedule and helping you become qualified in plumbing and heating in no time.

Why should I complete plumbing training?

The plumbing industry as a whole includes various career paths, respectable salaries and provides the opportunity to run your own business. As plumbing continues to advance, the opportunity to stay on top of technological advancements can help to be at the top of your career.

How long does it take to train to be a plumber?

Dependant on the course and training you choose to specialise in, this can impact the time frame dramatically. A traditional plumbing apprenticeship can take up to four years to complete, where our fast-track plumbing courses can take anywhere between 4-16 weeks to complete. If you’d like to work on gas appliances as well, the training will take in the region of 6 months for the fast-track course.

How do I start my career in plumbing?

There are multiple different avenues to choose from when starting your career in plumbing, these include traditional plumbing, fast-track plumbing or working as a plumbing assistant. Each has different advantages and disadvantages outlined within our how to become a plumber guide, that will assist you in understanding the best avenue for you.