We’ve created and collated a hub of articles to help you with your career change journey. If you’re looking for a brand new career or are looking to retrain and not sure what to do, we have a resource for you. 

Our career change resources can take you through how to re-evaluate your current skill set and how re-training or training up an engineer can help your professional development immensely. Find out how to change career and what to consider when changing jobs today.

How to Change Career

Thinking of changing your career, but don’t know what to do or even where to start? Making the right decision can be tough,… Read More

Find Your New Career Path

If you’ve recently found yourself disillusioned by your current career path, you’re not alone. Current research suggests that up to 80% of the… Read More

New Career Skills

Are you looking for new career skills? Skills Training Group is a UK leading provider of new career skills for the plumbing, heating… Read More